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If you’re an up-and-coming cybersecurity expert, or trying to build a cybersecurity practice for your company, here are some suggested steps.
© Maksym Yemelyanov - Fotolia.com
© Maksym Yemelyanov – Fotolia.com

We know that cybersecurity is a major concern these days. That’s why it’s one of the few areas, across the board, that is not seeing a budgetary decrease. Yet the other side of this coin is that we have a lot of people wanting to be part of this trending issue simply because it’s so popular right now.

So how does a true cybersecurity expert distinguish themselves? First off, by actually having some work. If you’re actually working in the cybersecurity field, you’re going to be taken a lot more seriously than someone looking for their first piece of work in the field.

If you’re an up-and-coming cybersecurity expert, or trying to build a cybersecurity practice for your company, it may be worth your while to get a small one-person or two-person job under your belt. Do your best work. Then you can legitimately claim to be in the field, no matter what the level. Believe me, somebody who is in the field is way more valuable to the customer than someone who pretends to be, or wants to be in the cyber arena.

Is your customer worried about cybersecurity? Chances are, they are – it may even be one of the issues keeping them up at night. Because you have a relationship with your customer, they may come to you for help, even if cybersecurity isn’t part of your current project.

At that point all you need to say is, “You know I do something like that in a different shop. Do you want me to bring my expert down here so we can chat about your needs?”

Whether or not it leads to new business, you’ve strengthened your customer relationship and positioned yourself as an experienced cybersecurity firm. If business does come out of it, so much the better. If you can get an advisory task, no matter how small, you can now claim to have past performance. That’s the key.

Also, don’t forget that cybersecurity is a big umbrella, from the advanced forensics and offensive operations, down to simple Certification and Accreditation work to ensure FISMA standards are met. Stretching the cyber definition is one way to develop past performance and build relationships.

Whatever the outcome – if you’re in the cyber world, make sure everything else is up to date – your web site, your marketing collateral, etc. Then you can take advantage of this burgeoning field of readily available $$ – and small businesses are especially welcome.

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