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“The money is out there, but the fish won’t jump in the boat…just because you’re eligible to do business with the federal government, it doesn’t mean they’re going to start throwing money at you.” – Bill Jaffe, Nov 2011

This blog serves as a dedicated platform for sharing insights, resources, and experiences relevant to the small business and government contracting community. It emphasizes the importance of actively seeking opportunities and engagement in federal contracting, rather than expecting automatic financial benefits. Initially cultivated by the late Bill Jaffe, who devoted nine years to its development, the blog is now under the management of Bill’s wife, TAPE CEO, Louisa Long Jaffe . This blog aims to:

  • Increase awareness of challenges faced by small businesses in federal contracting.
  • Support the federal small business contracting community through knowledge sharing.
  • Offer a platform for small and mid-tier businesses, along with their advocates, to voice their experiences and insights.
  • Serve as a valuable resource for small business offices, aiding the companies they support.

Engagement and contribution from the blog’s audience, including topic suggestions and discussions, are highly encouraged to foster a collaborative and informative environment. The blog’s commitment to collaboration and shared learning as keys to success underscores its value to both new and established members of the government contracting sector.