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We’re back with Judy Bradt, CEO of Summit Insight LLC, who is leading us through her seven steps to success in government contracts. Last week she covered the first two steps, strategy and focus.

Bill: Welcome back, Judy! What can you tell us about this third step?

Success in Government Contracts – Step #3 – Nailing the Process

Judy: Federal contract regulations can be overwhelming, but you can’t escape the rules of the game. In fact, the secret is this: successful vendors take the time to understand the rules that apply to the kind of product or service they offer, and the procedures that their top federal prospect agencies use to buy the products or services they offer.

For instance, not everyone needs a GSA schedule. How can you tell if you do? Here are two clues – first, do your top buyers prefer to use this kind of contract? And second, are they already using that type of contract to buy from your competitors?

Here, the key is this: federal buys have two problems, two needs. First, they need products and services to fulfill their missions. Second, they need legitimate, expedient ways to get those products and services. The vendor who comes ready to solve both problems has the advantage. Most vendors are entirely focused on the product and service side. Understanding FARS (Federal Acquisition Regulations) opens the door to contract vehicles that can give the vendor an advantage.

The tasks you want to check off in the process stage are to know:

  • The rules of the game that govern how you can sell
  • How your target agencies buy: Which contract types and/or GSA Schedules they use
  • Which rules have just changed, and which are about to
  • Which set-asides and preferences you can access
  • When (and how) to submit proposals, and how to leverage the debrief

Bill: It just makes good sense to deliver your product or service in a way that makes things easiest for your customers. Thanks for these insights, Judy! What are the next steps you’re going to cover?

Judy: We’ll look at how to stand out from your competition and also how to team up for more success.

Judy Bradt is the CEO of Summit Insight LLC and author of Government Contracts Made Easier. For 25 years, Judy has worked with her clients on business strategies to win government contracts. Judy blogs at http://blog.summitinsight.com/.

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